I write to help professionals use the principles of personal entrepreneurship to build exceptional careers.


I spend most of my time as an in-house lawyer at a multinational corporation.


I’ve spent most of the last decade building projects and working with the NY entrepreneurship and technology communities.

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The Single Most Important Professional Question You’ll Ever Answer

What makes your story great? Great stories are made with great dots, and great dots come from breakout opportunities… “Invest in lines, not dots,” goes the venture capitalist’s mantra. Put another way, invest in stories, not snapshots. Who you are right now – as a person or as a company – is the result of […]


Connect, Contribute, Champion

Connect, Contribute, Champion: 3 Strategies for Exceptional Business Relationships I’ve written about why you should build relationships without expectations every day for yourself and your business. In this post, I want to dig a little deeper and share three of my strategies to build powerful business relationships that you can start working on today. Try […]


Entrepreneurs: 7 Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring a Lawyer

I was talking to a startup founder yesterday who asked me a seemingly simple question: “What do you think about startups just hiring big law firms to do everything?” The short answer was that big firms are the right answer in some contexts with the right people. The long answer: I went on a rant. […]


How’d You Get That Job?

How’d You Get That Job? Josh Beser (@josh_beser), Assistant General Counsel at Lonza Do excellent work no matter who is watching. Excellent work is the price of admission for anyone to want to help you do something professionally… I didn’t have a moment that made me decide that I wanted to leave Big Law to […]